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(Wrappers updated 5/16/17...Comments updated 5/13/17)

Hi! My name is Mike and anybody that knows me knows I LOVE junk food. Especially chocolate. So I thought it would be fun to start a web site devoted to chocolate wrappers (and other junk food wrappers). One of the reasons why I started this page was to see the changes made to individual wrappers over time. I've always been interested in how companies try to get the public to buy their products.

Basically, the web site got its start when my girlfriend Laurie and I went to Niagara Falls years ago and I bought some candy because the Canadian wrappers were different from the ones in the US. That kinda gave me the idea to start this page. I did it more for fun, but then people started leaving me comments so I kept it up, adding more wrappers over the years. And yes, all the candy on this site I ate myself. That's one of the rules. See the link to my FAQ below for more information.

So have a look around...leave a comment (all comments are viewed by me before posting)...have fun. And remember, candy is to be enjoyed in moderation!

Plus there's a search tool from Google. It's at the top of the page. You can search for stuff on my site.


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CANDY BAR WRAPPERS   Scans of candy bar wrappers and my comments. Updated 05/16/17

CANDY BAR COMMENTS   Comments from people (like you!). Updated 5/13/17

COMING SOON   Wrappers that will soon be scanned and added. Updated 05/16/17

BOOKS ON CANDY   Reviews on books about candy and the people who love candy. Updated 03/30/14

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS   It's my FAQ page. Updated 08/19/12

WHITE & DARK CHOCOLATE KIT KATS   At one time, so popular that they had their own page with comments. NO LONGER UPDATED

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