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So, how do you say the name of this candy bar??? Do you say AL-mond or ALL-mond?? I say ALL. Hmm. Look at how good this wrapper came out!! Tearing open a wrapper without ripping it is a little difficult. This one came out so well because Laurie opened it. Good job. Another thing about Almond Joys; finish this line "Sometimes you feel like a nut....". Yeah, that's right..."sometimes you don't." Has there been another candy advertising slogan that people remember as much?? Maybe Choo Choo Charlie and the Good N Plenty...maybe. I like Almond Joys. Great if you want the taste of coconut...nice and moist. Since I like almonds (I guess I'm a nut), I almost always get Almond Joys instead of Mounds. This wrapper was bought in September of 2002. If you want to make a comment, click here.

Almond Joy Wrapper

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