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Your Comments About The Candy Wrapper Collection and Junk Food In General, 2015 to Today

I decided to break up the Candy Comments pages by time frame. Here are comments left by people between 2015 and today, oldest comments at the bottom. Want to leave your own comments?? Click Here!! This page was last updated on 5/13/17.



On 12/28/17, Mike says "So sorry I haven't updated the site in so long. I can't believe it's been seven months since the last update. I have a ton of wrappers to add. I just don't have a ton of time. Life is getting in the way. I'm not giving up the site though. I just can't say when it'll be updated again."



On 05/10/17, Rachel from Ohio wrote: "Do you keep the physical wrappers? Or are they discarded after they're scanned?"

Mike says "I throw them out once they're scanned. Some I wish I had kept though."



On 03/28/17, MARTY from HUGO wrote: "BIG FAN OF YOUR SITE!"

Mike says "Wooo! Thanks! Big fan of you, Marty!"



On 02/22/17, Bill from Austin, Texas, wrote: "That's too bad that you don't like white chocolate, because I enjoy it quite a bit. By the way, since I'm here, what's your favorite Hershey bar?"

Mike says "I can take white chocolate in small doses but generally, yeah, I'm not a big fan.

Favorite Hershey you mean Hershey bar as in, like, Hershey chocolate bar, Hershey with Almonds, etc? Or favorite bar made by Hershey? I'll answer both. Favorite Hershey bar is Hershey's Cookies 'n' Mint. Favorite made by Hershey...well, if you don't count Reese's Big Cup because it says Reese's (although it's made by Hershey), I'd have to go again with the Hershey's Cookies 'n' Mint."



On 02/16/17, Dave from Chicago wrote: "Hello, I came here because of a project we're doing at school, where we have to draw close ups to candy wrappers, using this website. Anyways, somebody said that Kit Kat Wasabi wasn't on here, and I know that you only add candy wrappers of food you eat. So, anyways, if you do notice this comment, you can buy some to eat. Here's a link if you do decide to try some. Bye!"

Mike says "Cool! Thanks! Japan has all kinds of different Kit Kats that we don't get over here in the US."



On 02/15/17, jermaih from Chicago wrote: "y u no do skittles man"

Mike says "Um. OK. I no do Skittles because I'm more of a chocolate junk food eater rather than the sugar type. There is one bag of Skittles on the site."



On 02/02/17, Jillian from Las Vegas, Nevada, wrote: "You should add Razzles!"

Mike says "Thanks for the suggestion! But every wrapper on the site is something that I ate myself and I'm not a big Razzles fan so you probably won't see them here. Sorry."



On 01/31/17, Ron from Las Vegas, Nevada, wrote: "Goobers are the bomb-diggity of candy bars."

Mike says "I do like Goobers but can you really call them a candy "BAR"? Hmm. Chocolate candies?"



On 01/25/17, Karen from Memphis, tn, wrote: "Tried these on a trip to st Thomas. This brand (tropical chips made w plantains) are wonderful, made by aca food corp, not sweet, but thin and taste like potato chips? Where can I buy them? I already purchased some, but the other brands taste like what you find in trail mix."

Mike says "I did a little digging and apparently they are available on Amazon but they're out of stock right now. But you can go to the Tropical Chips website and order them there."



On 01/05/17, Tanya from Sarah from Plymouth, MA, wrote: "Is the Nutmilk wrapper for sale? If so how much? it was my sister's favorite candy bar but they discontinued it years ago. I thought I could give her the wrapper as a little nostalgia."

Mike says "Oh shoot. Sorry. Once I scan the wrapper, I throw it out. My collection is virtual only."



On 11/25/16, Sarah from Bridgton wrote: "Hello, I have been looking everywhere for these dark chocolate Twix but I can't find them anywhere. Is there any way you could tell me where to get some?"

Mike says "Target seems to be a reliable source for me. You could try there. And there's always Amazon."



On 11/25/16, Ahmed from South Africa wrote: "im looking for the pep bar choclate pls advise where i can buy it"

Mike says "Sorry to say but it might not be available anymore. I looked on Amazon and usually if is isn't there, it's not available and I didn't see it there."



On 10/07/16, leah from bloomsdale wrote: "What candy bar starts with the letter V"

Mike says "Well, checking out the Wrappers that start with U through Z page, the only one I have is Valomilk. But there must be others, right?"



On 4/03/16, Nick from Luck wrote: "What year was that candy wrapper introduced?"

Mike says "Unfortunately Nick, I don't know what wrapper you're asking about. I just get a standard notice when someone leaves a comment...not what page they were on, etc. Write back with more detail and I'll try to help."



On 3/29/16, Jame from Boston wrote: "I'm glad that it's 2016 and this site exists."

Mike says "Aww...thanks! I don't update nearly as much as I used to. I have so many new wrappers to add. I get lazy then I get more wrappers and I'm still lazy and then there's so many wrappers that I don't feel like going through everything to post them. There's no excuse to be behind on the comments though...they're easy to do. It's just me being lazy again."



On 3/12/16, Carl from Pincourt, Quebec, Canada, wrote: "Hi Mike, The next time you come to Canada, you really should try Lay's Ketchup potato chips, there amazingly good."

Mike says "Hey Carl. I bought Herr's ketchup potato chips from a dollar store once. Didn't know what to expect but you're right...they aren't too bad. Kinda reminded me of Doritos. I mean, Doritos obviously have more spices and everything. But to me, ketchup potato chips are kinda heading in the Dorito direction. Not sure I'd get them again, but I didn't hate them."



On 2/28/16, ahvianna from gneva, wrote: "how are you doing"

Mike says "I'm doing alright, thanks for asking. And you?"



On 2/27/16, Zoee from Paris, CA, wrote: "Can u make it be able to zoom in and get smaller."

Mike says "Uh, short answer is no. I think I know what you mean but I don't know how to do it. I only know just enough to get by. Maybe one day I'll learn more."



On 2/16/16, Evripidou from Limassol wrote: "Hey I enjoy your site. Greetings from a fellow collector."

Mike says "Thanks! And thanks for your other comment about a broken link. That one should be fixed."



On 1/20/16, Rosie from Chicago, Ill, wrote: "I love the chocolate payday . please can you tell me where to buy some from please.I haven't seen any in a long time do they still make them.I hope they I can get me some."

Mike says "Ah yes. The chocolate covered Payday that was changed into Payday Avalanche which was "chocolatey"...meaning, not chocolate. This was all like ten years ago and I haven't seen chocolate (or chocolatey) Payday since. Sorry."



On 11/24/15, Sammy from Rocky point wrote: "This is great for fake doll God for the younger ones"

Mike says "I've had several comments about kids using my site to print out mini-wrappers. I think that's pretty cool."



On 11/24/15, nicole from Albuquerque wrote: "Hello Mike! So I was looking thru all Ur pages of candy bar wrappers and I noticed U don't have Barton's Million dollar Bar (creamy milk chocolate). I have been trying to find this candy bar in just regular retail stores but have had no luck? So if U can help me out with any information on this please let me know? I'd really appreciate it! Thank you!"

Mike says "I did what you probably did and Googled it to try to find it in stores. But I came up empty except maybe Cost Plus World Market. I don't know if you have one of those around you (I don't but wish I did). It is for sale on Amazon."



On 11/20/15, patrick from Montreal wrote: "i havent seen thsi chocolate bar in ages. it was always one my all time favorites besides the cherry blossom which i just ate 3 of them tonight haha i am a serious chocolate lover. i did some research on google and i can not get any information to as if the nut milk is still in production or not? i would love to have some info on this if you have any? i love your website. 10/10 for originality."

Mike says "It doesn't look like Nut Milk is being made anymore. It was made by Hershey Canada. I Googled for a while and came up empty. So I did my last on Amazon. If it's not on Amazon, it probably doesn't exist. And I can't find Nut Milk on Amazon. Sorry."



On 10/21/15, Donna from Hobart, Tasmania, wrote: "Was looking at my Facebook page I came across a post about the return of the PollyWaffle anyway a comment was made about bring back the Tosca bar. My hubby and I remember the name of this bar but can't remember it as we are both chocoholics we are sure we would have had the as kids could u please try and track down a wrapper for us to see. Thanks heaps."

Mike says "It's tough to find pictures of stuff on the Internet the farther back you go. I'm not familiar with Tosca but from what I googled, looks like they're from the 70's? I tried to find a picture and all I came up was this from Croatia. If you know of a picture, let me know."



On 10/04/15, joe from irvine wrote: "i was looking foe more variety in the skittles section, would it be possible to have new ones on your page? or do you know anyone who also has a large collection of old candy wrappers that is willing to sell? great collection btw ! thanks."

Mike says "Skittles does have a pretty good collection of wrappers. They come out with some new stuff every once in a while. But like my answer to Maddie a couple comments down, I usually buy chocolate candy, not 'sugar' candy. I only have one Skittles wrapper and I got that one because it was on clearance."



On 08/29/15, Tom from Pitesti, Romania, wrote: "I wish to have trade with you. I am from Romania and I collect all about the wrappers of chewing gum."

Mike says "Shoot...sorry Tom. I don't keep the wrappers once I scan them. My collection is just digital. Sorry."



On 07/18/15, maddie from south carolina wrote: "can you starburst wrappers?"

Mike says "I guess you're asking me to add Starburst wrappers? Sorry...probably not going to happen. I have to eat the candy from the wrapper and I don't think I've ever bought Starburst. They're OK, but my candy money usually goes to chocolate candy."



On 07/01/15, Brad from Stellarton, Nova Scotia, wrote: "When I was a kid. May be 13, so 26 years ago. There were these little plastic cups .really small.they came with a spoon or scoop made of plastic of course..they had tinfoil type seals that u peeled off go reveal a half chocolate cream and half either vanilla or white chocolate cream. I think they were called choco cream . they were diagonally separated in the tiny cup. How do I find a pic of this candy or some proof it existed? I spent so much money on them. As well as my friends did. The local store couldn't keep them in stock. I hope you can help. I googled for hours n hours. No key words would work."

Mike says "Doesn't sound familiar to me. If you spent hours looking for it, I probably won't be much help as that's what I did (but not for hours). You might want to try Old Time Candy Company. I looked there but I'm not sure what I was looking for. Or, if anybody knows that Brad is talking about, let me know."



On 06/29/15, Maggie from Panama City beach, fl wrote: "Do you know where I can buy the Hereseys Avalanche candy bar?"

Mike says "You're talking about the Payday Avalanche. They were out back in 2005, 2006'ish and came in 'chocolate' (in quotes because it wasn't real chocolate), vanilla, and peanut butter covered. Unfortunately, they are no longer being made."



On 05/04/15, josh from kent wrote: "why do you do this and do you get payed to do it"

Mike says "For all the answers, check out my FAQ Page. As far as getting paid? Well, I make a little money when people click the ads or click the candy banner and then buy something. Just enough to keep the site going."



On 04/19/15, Treena from Maryland wrote: "Hey do you know what company made the product Cookies & M&M? Like was it a chocolate company like Hershey's or just a separate company?"

Mike says "Oh the poor "Cookies and..." line. I liked them. Not sure why didn't do well. Anyway, the "Cookies and..." products were made by M&M/Mars."



On 04/06/15, Leslie from Douglasville wrote: "I was just wondering if these candy bars are still around and where I can find them."

Mike says "This happens too often. I'd like to help but I don't know what candy bar you're talking about. Write back!"



On 04/03/15, Kate from Ireland wrote: "We've created an educational piece of content about Chocolate for the weekend that's in it. It's an interactive timeline called 'A Delicious History of Chocolate' that contains the dates of significant events in the evolution of chocolate. We'd be delighted if you shared it with some of your followers online. The timeline can be found here -"

Mike says "Neat!"



On 03/31/15, ellie from margate wrote: "thank you sooooo much, you helped me alot with my tech homework i got high grades because of you! once more, THANKS!"

Mike says "Cool! I get comments like this every once in a while. Think it's neat. BTW, is that Margate, NJ? Lived in Ocean City, Wildwood, etc, for a couple years. Spent a lot of time in Somers Point."



On 03/27/15, Terry from North of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, wrote: "I remember a bar in Canada in the 60's called Caramack I think? I don't think it was chocolate but it had a chocolate texture and it was a light brown color?? Does anyone remember this bar?"

Mike says "I'm guessing you mean Caramac (link to Wikipedia)? Not available in Canada anymore. But you can find them on Amazon!"



On 02/28/15, Mack from Safety Harbor wrote: "The snickers cruncher to me was a very good candy bar, and I would love to know where I can purchase the snickers cruncher."

Mike says "Unfortunately, they don't make Snickers Crunchers anymore. Which is a shame. I kinda liked them. But they're not on the Snickers web site. I also checked Amazon. That's a pretty good test. If it's not on Amazon, chances are they don't make it anymore."



On 02/24/15, john from Orlando wrote: "How can i get some of these?"

And on 03/13/15, Karl from newfoundland wrote: "Are they obsolete now I cannot find them anywhere?"

Mike says "Sorry guys...I don't know which product you're talking about."



On 02/10/15, Robert from Dallas wrote: "Hi there! Was the chocolate in the Cadbury Dairy Milk wrapper that was bought in August of 2012 made by Cadbury's or by Hershey's? Today, I bought a chocolate bar with the exact same wrapper saying that it was distributed by Hershey's and I am not sure if this is imported from the UK or made by Hershey's under license to Cadbury's."

Mike says "Hershey's makes and distributes Cadbury in the US and has since 1988. The wrapper you mentioned was distributed by Hershey's...the notice is along the right side with the nutritional information. If you wanted to try a 'real' Dairy Milk, I know there are websites that sell items directly from overseas, but I would think the shipping would be a lot. BTW, a couple months ago, Mondelez (a spin off of Kraft that now owns Cadbury) confirmed that they changed the recipe of the Cadbury Creme Egg and it was not received well. They used to use the same chocolate as the Dairy Milk but no longer. But Hershey confirmed that the recipe in the US will stay the same (they don't use Dairy Milk as the chocolate coating in the US). I don't all gets confusing to me when you start talking about who distributes what where. I don't claim to understand that stuff."



On 02/02/15, Lisa from Canton, GA, wrote: "Any idea if & when Hershey might be planning to bring back the Cookies and Mint Chocolate bar, even if it's just for "A Special Edition"? That has to be my all time favorite candy bar!!"

Mike says "Man, I wish I knew. It's one of my favorites too."



On 01/19/15, alanae from chicago wrote: "thank u"

Mike says "Uh, you're welcome. Not sure what I did though."



On 01/16/15, Shanitra from Houston wrote: "Hello. Will these be brought back to stores soon? This become my favorite candy and every week I find myself thinking about it at least 6 times. Although I'm not pregnant, I am craving the flavor badly. Please bring the Swoops back. I'm still walking around singing the swoops song."

Mike says "Swoops were good. I liked them. But unfortunately, Hershey stopped making them and I don't think there are plans to start making them again any time soon."


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