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Your Comments About The Candy Wrapper Collection and Junk Food In General

Here are comments left by people like you...and, where needed, my comments back. Want to leave your own comments?? Click Here!! There were so many comments about White and Dark Chocolate Kit Kats when they first came out that those comments are on a page by themselves. But that page isn't updated any more.

Before we get to the comments, I want to tell you about the book "Candyfreak" by Steven Almond. Everybody who loves chocolate should read this book. If you can't find it in your local book store, you can get it from Amazon by clicking on the link below.

The book is part candy bar history, as Steve takes us back to Milton Hershey's days and how Hershey built up his company. You'll learn why the larger stores sell almost nothing but candy from "The Big 3" and how hard it is for a small candy company to get into the big stores. But there's so much more. Steve takes a look inside himself to see why he is so fascinated with candy as he tours several small candy companies. He shows us glimpses of his childhood candy addiction, including when he would dump all his candy on his bed and stare and stack it like Scrooge McDuck with his gold coins (I did that too!). There's also several references to Steve wondering if his candy addiction has something to do with his relative bad luck with women as far as long term relationships.

At any rate, I really liked this book. And if you love candy, you should like it too. Oh, and my glowing recommendation has nothing to do with the fact that my web site is listed in the back of the book. For my reviews of other candy books, click here.

The comments have been broken down by years:

2015 TO TODAY   Comments from 2015 to today. Updated 5/13/17

2010 TO 2014   Comments from 2010 to 2014. Updated 12/22/14

2005 TO 2009   Comments from 2005 to 2009.

BEFORE 2005   Comments pre-2005.


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