I owe the Clark Bar an apology. I had one a long time ago (before the web site) and hated it. And then I kept reading where the Clark bar reminds everyone of the 5th Avenue bar and I was always thinking to myself how it is so not like that...I love 5th Avuenues and the Clark bar is disgusting. Well, Clark bars are hard to find, so when I saw one I figured I should buy it and add it to the web site (beings I live in Pittsburgh and that's where the Clark bar got its start). Well, I was wrong. I really liked it this time around and agree that it's like a 5th Avenue (but I still like the 5th Ave better). I don't know what was up with that first one I had...maybe stale or something. This wrapper was bought in May of 2008. If you want to make a comment, click here.


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