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A special announcement for visitors to my site from the Candy You Ate As A Kid website!! Make sure you read the whole page as there are multiple offers. Make sure you pick the one that will save you the most! Pay attention to the expiration dates! And keep in mind that you cannot combine offers.

The Candy You Ate As A Kid website have extended their savings on all orders for visitors to this web site!! Their website specializes in 'old fashion' candy like Zagnuts, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Wax Lips, Cow Tales, Peanut Brittle, Mexican Hats, Chick-O-Stick, Zero bars, Charleston Chews, Necco Wafers, and so much more. Plus, 'modern' favorites like Milky Way, M&Ms, Reese's, Payday, and more. One stop shopping for all your candy needs.



This discount is for 10% off your total order (shipping not included in the discount) through the month of August!! It's a hot summer so you might want to stay away from ordering chocolate but they have tons of other candies that laugh at the hot weather. Make sure you follow these directions!! First, click this Candy You Ate as a Kid Link (it may take a few seconds for their page to come up). Second, use coupon code SUMMER16 when you check out. This offer is good until the end of August.




For you really big time candy buyers, the Candy You Ate As A Kid website offers free shipping on orders $250 and over! For this offer, click this Candy You Ate as a Kid Link (there is no code for this one so make sure you click the link).



Also, Candy You Ate As A Kid offers free Priority Mail shipping (up to a maximum of $25.00) for overseas military addresses that include an APO or FPO address. For details, visit this page on their web site. Note that following the link in the previous sentence will NOT get you any of the discounts above. You need to follow the links in each section and/or use the coupon codes above.



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