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This was almost not worth buying. Not because of the product, but what I went through to get it. I stop in a couple of dollar stores every once in a while to try and find different (or cheap) candy bars. I stopped in one and they had this Hershey Holiday wrapper with the chocolate bar stamped with the scene on the wrapper. So I picked it up. There was just two people ahead of me in line. Unfortunately, the first person had like 2,365 different ceramic holiday decorations among other things. And, of course, each ceramic piece had to be wrapped in newspaper. And the clerk?? Very molasses-like. Obviously paid by the hour. After what seemed like 4 hours, she paid her bill (like, $4,873). OK, maybe it was only 15 minutes, but even that was too long to wait when you're third in line. And when I went to open the chocolate bar?? It was all broken. Which is just as well as it made it easy to eat. This wrapper was bought in November, 2004. If you want to make a comment, click here.

Hershey Holiday Wrapper

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