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Seems these are starting to make their way across the country. At first, Laurie got me the White Chocolate Kit Kats at the Charlotte airport and we thought that was the only place you could get them (in that area). Well, the other day I saw them in our local Wal Mart. I liked them a lot. I like dark chocolate, but not a lot at a time. But these seemed a little sweeter than other dark chocolate (like Special Dark from Hershey). I don't know if it's the chocolate or the crispy wafer adding a little sweetness. Very good and I will get them again. The wrapper is a little hard to read since it's silver and reflecting off the light of the scanner. This wrapper was bought in August, 2002. Now I hear people can't find them anymore. There was also a Holiday Edition wrapper. I've decided to devote a whole page to Dark (and White) Chocolate Kit Kats. If you want to make a general comment, click here.

Kit Kat Dark Chocolate

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