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Oh yeah...getting Laurie into the wrapper thing. Since she's a flight attendant, she travels (duh). She was in the Charlotte area in August of 2002 and saw Kit Kats with white chocolate. So she grabbed a couple and brought them back home. I thought they were pretty good. Kinda reminded me of white chocolate covered pretzels, but not as expensive. Why chocolate covered pretzels are so expensive, I'll never figure out. Is chocolate expensive? Not really. Are pretzels expensive? No. But put them together and all of a sudden, they're $5 a pound. Anyway, would I buy white chocolate Kit Kats again?? Yeah, probably...when I get the urge to have some white chocolate. She said they also had dark chocolate Kit Kats and was sorry she didn't pick up one of those too. Doing some internet searching, it looks like they have a couple of different kinds of Kit Kats in England, including the white and dark chocolate, and even mint. I'm assuming they're test marketing the different kinds in the US to see if they sell. If they do, expect them to go nationwide. UPDATE!! The dark and white chocolate Kit Kats are now in my local Wal Mart. ANOTHER UPDATE!! Now they're not. People have written me that they can't find them anymore. I've decided to devote a whole page to White (and Dark) Chocolate Kit Kats. If you want to make a general comment, click here.

Kit Kat, White Chocolate

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