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The third bar I snagged at a Wawa while spending a few days back home in New Jersey. Mallo Cups are a classic. They disappeared for a while, then came back, then disappeared. If you like them and you can find them, better stock up. I heard Boyer was having financial trouble (which is why they come and go), but they vow to stay in business and produce Mallo Cups. BTW, the Boyer plant is in Altoona, PA, and I go right by Altoona on my trips home to NJ. Mallo Cups are chocolate cups filled with what can be described as marshmallow fluff. If you remember Mallo Cups from your childhood, yes, they still insert Mallo Play Money in each package. This wrapper was bought in April, 2004. If you want to make a comment, click here.

Mallo Cup

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