I see all these neat candy bars on Twitter but I can't seem to find them. Sometimes gas stations are a good place to find new stuff so I stopped into one. Didn't find anything new but did see these king size Reese's Big Cups with two for $3.33 on the wrapper. There were a couple other candy bars with prices on the wrapper so I bought them too. I get up to the register and the guy scans them all and tells me a price that seems way too high. Oh, he claims, he might have gotten some of the bars that were laying on the counter too close to the scanner and they rung up twice (once when he scanned it and once when it was too close to the scanner on the counter). Yeah, OK. He fixed the error but I don't really like this gas station anyway so I doubt I'll be back. Now, the Big Cups? Love them. Probably top five in my book. This wrapper was bought in September of 2015. If you want to make a comment, click here.

Reese's Big Cup - King Size

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