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First off, ALL Tasty Kake pies are great. So fresh tasting. Some of my favorites are the cherry and the French apple. But my all time, stock up when I see them, gotta have it favorite is the Tasty Klair pie. Oh...my....God. So good. And they're somewhat hard to find. I don't know if they make less of them or they're just that popular. When I go home to NJ, I have to grab a couple. So imagine my surprise when I walked into my favorite Dollar Store here in the Pittsburgh area and they had them sitting right there!!! And TWO for a dollar!! I almost freaked out. Like when you are at a yard sale and see something valuable for dirt cheap and you try not to get too excited because you don't want anybody else to know what you know. I only bought two (check out the nutritional details...they aren't very good for you), paid my dollar, and happily walked out the store. This wrapper was bought in June, 2005. If you want to make a comment, click here.

Tasty Kake Tasty Klair Pie

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