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Where Have You Gone, White and Dark Chocolate Kit Kats??

Updated 03/06/05

As of 4/30/05, this page will no longer be updated. I started this page when the White and Dark chocolate Kit Kats came out for the first time. Now that they seem to be permanent, there's no reason to update this page anymore. All comments about the White and Dark Kit Kats will be on the main candy comment page. But I'm leaving the page up because it's fun to reread it from time to time. If you're having trouble finding Dark chocolate Kit Kats, you can get them on Amazon:

FYI, this page is about White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Kit Kats. From when I first had them, to being updated when needed. So some things may seem outdated as you read along.

When I first added a "leave your comments here" section to the Candy Wrapper page, most of the comments were about the White Chocolate and the Dark Chocolate Kit Kats (it's slowed down since). So I thought I would make a whole page devoted to them.

Some roommate Laurie was a flight attendant for USAir (she's since been laid off). While in Charlotte back in the Fall of 2002, she saw White and Dark chocolate Kit Kats and bought me some. At first, I thought maybe they were only available in some test areas. Then, I saw them in my local (Pittsburgh) Wal Mart. So, I figured they were going to be around nationwide. But now, people are writing in saying they can't find them anymore. Since Laurie and I were out doing errands anyway, we stopped by the Wal Mart on Monday, January 6th, and sure enough we couldn't find them. We even stopped at Sam's Club to see if maybe they had a box of either of the Kit Kats. Nope. Nothing.

The next day at work, I did a little research. Kit Kats are actually made by Nestle. But, for some reason, they are made/distributed by Hershey here in the US. Everywhere else, Nestle does it. I know there are a couple other companies that do this. I believe 7-Up is distributed by Pepsi in the US, but not anywhere else in the world (or it's the opposite...or something). Anyway, I called Nestle using the phone number from their web site as my coworker called several stores in the area to see if anybody had any. Yeah, we were really busy at work that day! They couldn't help me because of the whole Kit Kats/US/Hershey thing. But she did give me Hershey's number. I called and spoke to a representative and here's what I found out. The White and Dark chocolate Kit Kats were Limited Edition only (if you look at the wrapper, it does say that). All of the product had been shipped to the stores...there's none left at Hershey. As of January 7, 2003, there was no word on whether or not they will make them again. So maybe they would, but maybe they wouldn't.

But here's where you can help!! The Rep said they record all comments and every one helps. She took my positive comment (I LOVE the White Chocolate ones!) and the only 'personal' information she wanted was my zip code. So, you can call and make your comments and maybe it will help. The phone number is 1-800-468-1714 (Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm EST). It's a free call and maybe it will help. What follows are updates since I first posted this page, followed by your comments below.

1/23/03 - I received an email from a Hershey Rep (can't say how). This is what his email said:
"The Kit Kat Ltd Edition White Chocolate is only in a display sold as an in/out item. Best chance to find it would be a convenient store. Giant Eagle (a grocery store chain here in Western PA, Ohio, etc) has sold thru most of theirs. There will be a new Kit Kat Bites Ltd Edition White Chocolate & a Dark Chocolate in a pouch coming out sometime in March or April (2003). If you are looking for a couple of boxes, you'd probably have to purchase a ctr unit or shipper. It would have the White Choc & Dark Choc Kit Kat bars."
I checked every store I go into and haven't seen either the White or the Dark. All I can say is to call the Hershey number above and keep those positive responses coming!! Don't think that just because they apparently sold out so quickly that it will be automatic that they will make them again. Call call call call call!!!!

THE HERSHEY NUMBER IS 1-800-468-1714!!

3/14/03 - THEY'RE COMING BACK!!!!

I received a comment from Gil from Lewisberry, PA (see message WAY down this page), saying that the White and Dark Chocolate Kit Kats are coming back. I called Hershey and it's true!! Gil said they shipped the week of 3/10/03 and should be in stores about a week later. Hershey couldn't confirm that, but they said they are coming out this month (March 03). And Gil is right...they are coming back as Limited Edition again, so STOCK UP!!!

7/04...The White Chocolate Kit Kats are back...and permanent!! Thanks to everyone who called Hershey and said they wanted them back!! Doubt this page was the only reason, but I'm sure it helped. I saw them in my local (Pittsburgh) CVS Drug Store.

10/04...Rumors say the Dark Chocolate Kit Kats will be out again for the holidays. Keep calling and keep telling them you want them permanently!!!!

11/16/04...Looks like the Dark Chocolate Kit Kats are out for the holidays. Unfortunately, they are in an assortment bag or box with White and Regular chocolate. And they are very tiny. Very disappointing. Keep calling and keep telling them you want them permanently!!!! And in a regular size!!!!

For anymore updates on where or when they might come back out, read the comments below. The most recent comments are on top. To leave your comments (on the whole Kit Kat thing or anything about the candy wrappers), click here.

On 02/10/05, Annette from Wyckoff, NJ, wrote: "Where can I find the dark chocolate kit kat bars. Bought some about a year ago and can't seem to locate them anymore."

Mike says "Unless you're lucky like Terri in the comment below, I doubt if you'll find them in stores. They aren't making them right now. But you can try eBay and other on-line places...just be prepared to pay for them."

On 02/06/05, Terri from Elizabethtown, KY, wrote: "At my local gas station, I spotted two cases of Dark Kit-kats, I was very suprised since I had heard they were off the market as limited edition. The boxes were just opened and a little dusty upon further inspection, however I bought 4 and they were divine. So are they back in, or should I stock up??"

Mike says "I hope you stocked up. As far as I know, they are not back on the market. I'm guessing the gas station had the 2 boxes and never put them out. I haven't seen dark chocolate Kit Kats in a long, long time."

On 01/25/05, Jill & Dale from montgomery county, MD, wrote: "We love dark kit kats, but we have to eat a whole assortment (can't throw them out!) to get a few dark ones. If they're available in other countries, can we import them from our friends?"

Mike says "Sure you can. But it might be expensive. A box of Kit Kats is kinda heavy. I guess it depends on how much you love them!"

On 12/25/04, Walter from Pittsburgh, PA, wrote: "The dark chocolate KitKat is the best thing Hershey/Reese has ever done, in my opinion. I don't understand why they aren't selling it as a mainstream item."

On 12/11/04, Chris from Goleta (near SB), California, wrote: "I found the dark chocolate a year ago at Big Lots - then they showed up last month at a drug store in town, along with the white chocolate. Now there are only white chocolate left - don't know if the white chocolate is still around because it is not as good 0r because it is good, they've made more. I suspect they flew a test balloon of white and dark and the dark sold out quickest because it is awesome. I don't like the white chocolate, but I have always been a dark chocolate fan. In a Kit Kat the sweet dark mixed with the crisp crunch is awesome. Trying to find some more of these in Santa Barbara."

Mike says "As far as I know, they are not making the Dark Chocolate Kit Kats in the full size, regular bar right now. You can get them in a package of mini Kit Kats mixed in with the white and regular. The White Chocolate Kit Kats (regular size bar) are now a permanent addition to the Kit Kat line. That's probably why you see the white and not the dark. If you see the dark again, my advice would be to buy as many as you can!! I hear they freeze well!!"

On 12/10/04, Yavscout from London, England, wrote: "I'm working in a shop selling the White version of KitKat and after trying one, I find I'm buying up much of the stock myself. The explosion of ecstacy enveloping my tastebuds is affecting my ability to interact with customers if they talk to me mid-chew. This has got to be the most addictive foodstuff I have come across. No fragging way this is just chocolate!"

Mike says "I HATE it when you look forward to eating something you love, like a White Chocolate Kit Kat. You savor the anticipation, and when you finally bite into it, someone interrupts you and ruins the whole thing. You have to hurry up and chew and swallow, missing out on the whole experience. Argh."

On 12/09/04, Lauren from Ontario, Canada, wrote: "Hi. My name is Lauren. I live in Canada. Recently one of my friends gave me a white chocolate kit kat bar and I loved it to bits. I've searched just about everywhere and cannot find them *anywhere* , as she gave me them from England. Would You happen to know if they have any here in Canada? Or If I can e-mail anyone to ask about it? Thanks."

Mike says "I don't know if they are available in Canada or not. You might try one of those candy stores that sells chocolate from around the world (if there is one nearby). The White Chocolate Kit Kats are now permanent here in the US. So, you could make a trip over the border and pick some up. Another option is to try Old Time Candy Company. I'm not sure if they have them, but you can check it out."

On 11/09/04, Mark from San Diego, CA, wrote: "I just called the number on your page (the menu options have changed in the voice mail system.) and talked to a rep. She said that the dark chocolate Kit Kats are only available in the assorted mini package. This sucks. I don't want to throw out two thirds of a package. I also got the usual "we'll pass on your request to the marketing dept." line."

Mike says "Yeah, those assortment bags are pretty depressing if you just want one kind or the other. Hopefully, people will keep calling and they'll get the message to put them out all the time and in a full size bar!! Oh, and thanks for the tip about the phone system...I took out any reference as to which options to take."

On 10/13/04, Joe from Pittsburgh, PA, wrote: "my co-workers jokingly laugh at me as i keep a post it on my calendar to regularly call Hershey for updates on white/dark chocolate kit kats. my last contact with them was last week when i was told that they are receiving many calls about the dark chocolate candy due to recent health reports mentioning the benefits of dark chocolate. so, we MAY be getting dark chocolate kit kats on a regular basis!"

Mike says "Thanks for the tip!!"

On 09/30/04, Wanda from Raleigh, NC, wrote: "I NEED dark KIT KATS hehehe =) I purchased a so called mixed back of the minitures yesterday at eckerd only because I saw it had Dark chocolate Kit Kats YUMMY in my TUMMY. I had never seen them before then. It had 5-ONLY FIVE dark chocolate kit kats...and 8 white chocolate (not to kean on them) I was so beyond bummed. Does anyone have any idea where I can find these over the internet?"

Mike says "I would think the supplies are just about all dried up. It's been a while since they've been out. You could try the Internet candy stores. I never bought the mix bag of miniatures that you're talking about because I figured it wouldn't be enough to satisfy would only make me want more!"

On 09/20/04, Su from Minneapolis, MN, wrote: "I love these dark chocolate kitkats bars. Everyone I've met who've tried them, love them. You'd think Hershey would get a clue. I just called the Hersehy's toll-free 800 number and told them I LOVE the dark chocolate Kit Kats. They are "thinking" about making them on a regular basis--they are right now studying the demographics, etc., and depending on consumer response, etc. may do so in the future. Otherwise, they will be introducing Kit Kat dark chocolate BITES in December 2004, so look for those at your favorite store. And please, please, please: if you are a dark chocolate fanatic like me, call the Hersey's 800 number and BEG them to sell the dark chocolate Kit Kats on a regular basis rather than on a limited basis. Thanks!"

Mike says "Couldn't have said it better myself. If you want them and miss them, call Hershey at 1-800-468-1714 (during regular business hours, EST). When I called, all they asked me was my zip code."

On 09/13/04, Barbara from Stockton, CA, wrote: "I found the white chocolate kitkat candy bars at my local Longs drug store..LOVED THEM! Now I can't find them anyplace!"

Mike says "That's strange as the White Chocolate Kit Kats are now permanent. I would suggest looking around at other drug stores and other stores. I would think you should be able to find them with little trouble."

On 08/21/04, Kim from Minneapolis, MN, wrote: "Hi again from Minneapolis. I've been in my glory (yes I lead a dull life) soaking up White Kit Kat bars by the bundle. Walmart sells them in 6 packs for about .30 a piece! This ain't one of the best diets I've ever been on but certainly one of the most delicious ;-)) I also recently saw a NEW limited edition white with chocolate wafer inside --- I think they called it inside-out. That should be interesting to some folks out there. I have to go now -- as another White Kit Kat awaits me."

On 08/18/04, Terence from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, wrote: "Costco has a special this week. Buy a case of regular Kit Kats (36 ct) for $12.66 and get a free box of White Kit Kats (24 ct)."

On 08/17/04, Sherry from Las Vegas, NV, wrote: "where can i find dark chocolate kit kats??? I miss them...they are rockin great!"

Mike says "Unfortunately, the dark Kit Kats were limited edition. Kit Kat has decided to have the White Chocolate Kit Kats as a regular item, but the dark remains limited edition and haven't been out for some time now. Hopefully, they'll be back soon."

On 08/12/04, Amelia from Baton Rouge, LA, wrote: "I love the Kit Kat Dark and am very disappointed that they are still marketed as a Limited Edition. I bought a case of them from my local Sam's Club around Christmas time, but my box is nearly empty. Everybody I know who has tried the Kit Kat Dark loves it so I was hoping that it would earn a permanent spot on the shelves. But alas, it seems that I must wait and see if Santa will bring them again this Christmas. In the meantime, I will do my best to convince Hershey that they should forget the comment of the 1 Canadian dissenter and make Kit Kat Dark available year-round.

As for all of you who with a Kit Kat White obsession, I thought you'd be happy to know that they are literally everywhere I turn. Not only are the cases for sale at Sam's, but the individual bars are sold at every drug store, convenience store, and craft store in town! It's a huge slap in the face for us Dark fans, but gives me hope that Hershey will hear our cries as well. Anybody having a hard time finding Kit Kat White should definitely take a trip to southern Louisiana: you won't be disappointed. Now even though I am not a fan of white chocolate, this website has convinced me that I should at least give the Kit Kat White a chance. I promise I won't knock 'em till I've tried 'em.

Since I didn't see it mentioned on your website I thought I might say that the current Kit Kat Limited Edition is called Triple Chocolate. It has milk chocolate on the outside, milk chocolate cream on the inside, and chocolate wafers. It's OK, but is not noticeably different from the original flavor - this could be why no one has taken the time to comment on it. As far as I'm concerned, it can stay a Limited Edition."

Mike says "Thanks for all the comments. Just so you know, this page is for White and Dark Kit Kats only. There are a few comments about the Triple Chocolate Kit Kats on the general candy bar comment page. I still haven't found them in my area."

On 07/31/04, Justin from Ft. Worth, Texas, wrote: "Chocolate gives me headaches, but I can eat white chocolate. My aunt told me about white KitKats, and I can't find them anywhere!!!! I love chocolate, and I would love to try some white KitKats, but I can't find them. If anyone knows where I could find them, please let me know!!!!"

Mike says "I have seen them around here in the Pittsburgh area. Try drug stores and supermarkets. If your favorite store doesn't carry them, ask the manager to get them. This sometimes work."

On 07/05/04, Terence from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, wrote: "I was in Canada and noticed that the kit kats are made by Nestle. They also make a Dark chocolate kit kat. The bars are slightly bigger, 50 grams (about 1.75 oz) vs the Hershey 1.5 oz bars. They were sold in Vancouver at London Drugstores for 50 cents (canadian$)."

Mike says "I think I said it somewhere else...either on this page on some other page...Kit Kats are made and distributed by Nestle everywhere in the world but the US. Hershey does it in the US. Not sure why, but there are a couple of products that are like this."

On 07/03/04, Kim from Minneapolis MN, wrote: "WHITE KIT KAT BARS are NOW available at my local dime store -- and I'm sure at many other stores soon. These are PERMANENT items -- where as the DARK will continue only as limited editions. And YES they're as good as ever !!!."

On 06/14/04, Terence from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, wrote: "I've seen the WHITE at Rite-Aids. There's 24 bars to a box. (instead of 36) I heard that Costco is running a coupon deal; Buy a regular milk chocolate box of 36 and get a free WHITE box of 24 bars. I don't care for the WHITE, so I'm still waiting to see DARK kit kats."

On 06/14/04, Kim from Minneapolis MN, wrote: "Hi Mike. I called Hersheys to confirm the message I got last week about the White Kit Kats coming back permanently. The rep I talked to this time mentioned they were available only as limited editions -- BUT after telling her the statements I got last week she checked a little deeper - and did come back to confirm that the whites are going to be available permanently -- with shipping starting end of June. So we probably won't see them showing up until mid July or so. The dark bars are still going to be offered as a limited edition only."

Mike says "Thanks again for the tips!!"

On 06/13/04, Carol from union city, tn, wrote: "When will the dark kit kat be back in stores? They are very very good and I really miss them very much."

Mike says "Based on Kim's research(!) below, I would think they will be back out sometime in July or August. But that's just a guess."

On 06/08/04, Kim from Minneapolis MN, wrote: "MIKE !!! You better make an update. I just got word from Hersheys the WHITE Kit Kats are coming NOW to a neigborhood near you --- permanently !!!!!!!!! Dark coming as a limited edition still. I can only assume your site and peoples comments helped in this heavenly decision to some degree. Thank everyone for making my life worth living again ;-)) Maybe you should call and check my facts to make sure I wasn't dreaming the statements I just got minutes ago from Hershey's!"

Mike says "I haven't had a chance to call Hershey's to verify, but I thought I should rush an update so everyone can see. I'll be looking for them!"

On 06/03/04, Kim from Minneapolis, MN, wrote: "I love the White Kit Kats (full size bars that is). I bought a few boxes at Walgreens about a year ago and haven't found anymore since. I thought so much of them I even offered them to neighbors who also "loved them". I listened to a radio talk show the other day who was interviewing a person who wrote a book on candy and candy companies and why these companies tease us with their limited editions. He says no matter how well these bars sell they will never be offered as regular bars. That's bad news -- for I was certainly hoping that the White Kit Kats would be offered full time. I've been surviving with Reeses White peanut butter cups -- but that peanut butter center is a little too rich for my taste. NOW --- does anyone know a small candy company or a nice grandma who can make us a small production run of White Kit Kats? I'm willing to load up my basement fridge to store 40 boxes or more! Anyone else game ;-))"

On 05/26/04, Ann from Suffield, CT, wrote: "Hi Mike and everyone out there! I have been coming to this board for a while now, and love it! Keep up the good work, Mike. Just wanted to share that I had a Dark Chocolate Kit Kat Bar the other day which I bought in Westfield, MA at the CVS Pharmacy. It was absolutely delish, and I will definitely be buying more. I hope they make this a permanent addition, but it said "Limited Edition". Yum! I also bought a bag of those assorted Kit Kats with the white, dark, and regular Kit Kats a few weeks ago at Wal-Mart. I thought they were too small, also, but delicious. It was the first time I had tried the dark Kit Kats, and now I am hooked!:>)"

On 05/11/04, Arron from Greenfield, Wisconsin, wrote: "I love those dang White chocolate Kit Kats. Ever since I came across a "cat in the hat" Wrapper of one I have been hooked. I just found the three pack mini ones but you only get about one regular sized WHITE chocolate bar for 3.00. I still bought a couple bags just taste sooooo good. If only they would sell these all the time."

Mike says "I'm very disappointed in the variety bags you're talking about. The individually wrapped Kit Kat segments are WAY too small. I don't know why Hershey doesn't just put out more White and Dark chocolate FULL SIZE Kit Kat bars. It's been a while since I've seen them around."

On 04/27/04, Chowser from Nashville, TN wrote: "4-27-2004, I called the Hershey Rep. number listed on your web page and they told me they were soon to start making a variety pack which will include the White Chocolate KitKat's with bars smaller than normal size. BTW, I haven't seen the White KitKat's in Nashville since the end of last year, 2003, and the Bites were available in the Big Lot stores up until a couple of months ago."

Mike says "The bags you are talking about are least here in the Pittsburgh area. My Wal Mart doesn't have them, but I did see them at a Giant Eagle (a grocery store chain). It's a bag filled with dark, white, and regular Kit Kats. Look at the comment two down from this one for a description from Terence. They are painfully small segments. Your best bet is to open two or three at a time and pop them all in your mouth at once."

On 04/22/04, Ann from Hampton, Virginia, wrote: "My sister is addicted to KKBars, but I got her some dark chocolate ones for Christmas (not knowing it was a limited edition thing) and we've been looking for more ever since. As good as KitKat Bars are, the dark chocolate ones are 20 times better! Heads up, KKBar-makers !! Bring them back !! They are real winners."

On 04/09/04, Terence from Fort Lauderdale, FL, wrote: "I just saw a variety pack of Dark / Reg / White kit kat minitures. They are sold in aprox 8.5 oz bags that contain some of each flavor. The bars are miniture, because they are only 1 stick each and individually wrapped. Maybe for Easter?? Saw them at the local Eckerds Drug store. $2.50 Seems like alot of wrapping paper and very little candy."

On 03/31/04, Tamo from Id wrote: "Hey, i am allergic to chocolate, but found white chocolate to not effect me. I loved it when the peanut butter cups came out, i devour them everytime i stop by the store. My questions was, is there any chocolate in the kitkats, or is all pure white chocolate?"

Mike says "Well, I'm not a doctor, so I'm going to try not to say something that might make you have a reaction! You can't really read the ingredients on the scan of the wrapper, and I don't have the wrapper anymore. So, I don't know if they actually have chocolate in them."

On 03/20/04, locotic22 from Las Vegas, Nevada, wrote: "I Love white chocolate anything-seen and eaten the white Kat a few times but havent seen em for a couple weeks now. I hope they keep making them and the other varieties too!!"

On 03/17/04, Danielle from Zoetermeer, Netherlands, wrote: "Well you all have been fortunate to have tasted the kitkat white and had them in your country. I am now trying to get the Kitkat White to the Netherlands. They can be ordered online at a German internet store and in Australia. That is where I found and tasted it for the first time. I am not really a chocolate lover, but if the White was available here. I could not stop eating them!!!! Hopefully they will come back in the States so on a holiday I could buy lots of them. I will cross my fingers for you all! I know what it is like to miss it. It almost kills you! ;-)"

On 03/17/04, Kristi from Canada wrote: "Dark Chocolate Kit Kat's suck!!! OMG they taste like wax! They are just awful! I love all types of Chocolate, but this is the worst tasting chocolate I have ever had the displeasure of eating! The aftertaste lingers forever and it is just as bad. I hope Nestle thinks again before continuing this line of chocolate bar. Nasty Disgusting."

On 03/10/04, Terence from Fort Lauderdale, FL, wrote: "Have there been any new releases of the Dark Kit Kats since the Kat in the Hat editions?"

Mike says "I never got to see the Kat In The Hat edition of the Kit Kats. I don't know if I just missed them or they weren't available all over the country. As far as another round of the Dark Kit Kats, I haven't heard anything. But it's been a few months and I would think we would see them soon...I hope!!"

On 03/04/04, Christy from Pensacola, FL, wrote: "A guy at work brought some white chocolate kit kat bars and shared them with everyone, soooooooo tasty!! White chocolate is my very favorite, however, I have been low on luck when trying to find white chocolate kit kats now. He said he purchased those at Wal-Mart...those white chocolate kit kats are a definite money maker, if only they would stock the shelves all year long. I am sure to buy a case, and my family are big white chocolate fans also, so there's another...BRING THEM BACK TO STAY!!!!!cha-ching$$$$$$$$"

On 03/04/04, Dave from Farmington, CT, wrote: "I got some of those dark chocolate kit kats for Christmas, have been looking for more ever since! I didn't even know they had white."

On 02/22/04, Lori from Gallipolis, Ohio, wrote: "i'm so disappointed that the white chocolate kit kat was just a limited time that is the best candy bar i ever had and you had to sniff them out like a dog i stopped at a gas station and picked one up ( only because i like kit kats and i love white chocolate ) and i drove away and omg it was great then a few days later i tried to find them searched everywhere and finally found them at another gas station and i bought the whole box for me my daughter and my fiance after awhile we finished them and it was like omg you cant get them n e more i just wish they would bring them out for good!!!!"

On 02/20/04, Stephanie from Pearland, TX, wrote: "Thank you for relieving any stress I had about trying to find WHITE CHOCOLATE KIT KAT's. They are my most favorite thing in the world. (besides my kids and husband) :) I will stock up for sure! Keep us Posted!"

On 02/16/04, Doni from Fort Carson, CO, wrote: "Live in Colorado and am looking for a place to buy both White and Dark Chocolate Kit Kats. Have not been able to find them here in over a year and I am in love with the Dark Choco ones. Have seen them on the I-net but at a dollar a piece well to much for me. Any ideas??"

Mike says "I'm pretty sure they'll be out again. And probably in a limited edition again. Just keep looking and when they come out again, grab as many as you can!!."

On 01/31/04, Crystal from Charlotte, NC, wrote: "I was actually trying to find out where I could buy the white chocolate kit kats when I stumbled upon this page I am a die hard lover of white chocolate and recently haven't been able to locate any. I hope they do start making them available on every shelf I have a small stockpile in fridge and I barely eat sweets just these. If you hear anything let me know."

On 01/16/04, Terence from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, wrote: "Albertsons has kit kits 3/$1 thru 1/31/04. I've already bought 3 cases of Dark Kit Kats. I'm running out of refrigerator space. Guess I have to stop buying them."

On 01/11/04, Michelle from San Diego, California, wrote: "Since I am a white chocolate fan I have been looking for the Kit Kats I was shopping in Malaysia (Penang) and at the grocery store in the Island Plaza Shopping Mall I found them! Needless to say I purchased a whole bunch of them and plan to go back for more before we leave to come home! They are YUMMY!!! I am hoping they will sell them back in the States soon."

On 01/04/04, Jacque from Carl Junction, Missouri, wrote: "My mother (a dark chocolate fanatic) happened upon a dark chocolate kit kat a few months back. Since then she has stocked up on them every chance she gets. She bought out every single bar at a convenient store once, 19 bars!!! But, by simple mistake she purchased a white chocolate one and she gave it to me. I love both white and dark, (can't really blame me, can ya --- it's all chocolate!!!) and I fell in love. I found two at a local Wal-greens and I can't find anymore. I'm having withdrawals already, and I've only had three in a two week period. They MUST bring these back for good!!! Thank you for your website!!!"

On 12/31/03, Kelvin from Seattle, WA, wrote: "Hi I am visiting my friends in SF for the holiday and while cooking I came across a few Kit Kat White Chocolate and LUV it!!!! I want some more!!!!!!"


On 12/14/03, Pam from St. Petersburg, FL, wrote: "Hello my fellow chocolate lovers. I was so happy to see that someone else really enjoyed the dark chocolate Kit Kat Bar. I'm not overly fond of the milk chocolate one, but this was GOOD!!! Only thing is, I can't find them anywhere, anymore. They had the Kit Kat bits in dark chocolate for a while (not quite as good as the bars), but now I can't find them either. I'm hoping our comments are seen by the "chocolate bar powers that be" and maybe one day the Kit Kat Dark will be a staple of the grocery candy shelves."

Mike says "Pam, rather than hoping the Chocolate gods see my itty bitty web site, you might want to call the toll free number above and let Hershey know how much you love the Dark Chocolate Kit Kats."

On 12/14/03, Mr Kim from Minneapolis, MN, wrote: "I just love those white kit kats. Walgreens had them recently so I bought a box. A week later I'm out and can't find them. Someone better help me find some soon - before I have a seizure !!"

On 12/13/03, Terence from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, wrote: "Found some mint Kit Kat bars (package of 4.5 oz, with 6 individual 2-bar wrapped) $1 at the Dollar store. Not all the Dollar stores carry this item.

They also had Dark Kit Kat bars 2/$1. (a little too expensive for me) But also, they were dated Feb 04. Several boxes of the dark 1.5 oz kit kats. (I'm not buying them) These did not have the Kat in the Hat promo on the wrapper.

The Mint Kit Kats were OK. Reminded me of the mint kisses. I might try the Orange flavored kit kats too. Same price: $1 for 4.5 oz package."

On 12/02/03, Michael from New Lenox, IL, wrote: "i like white chocolate kit kat. please make them they rock!"

On 12/02/03, Natalie from Santa Monica, CA, wrote: "Saw the White bits at the Big Lots store for $2/bag. I passed. Don't care for the White kit kats."

On 11/30/03, Megan from Woodbridge, VA, wrote: "I found the dark chocolate kit kats at the dollar store. I love them."

On 11/28/03, Kenny from Alexandri, VA, wrote: "daughter in law found supply of dark chocolate kit kats in a Family Dollar Store in Woodbridge Va. Seems for now they have often. Would like to find out where Family Dollar gets them.. Never liked Kit Kats until the Dark came out as my daughter in law new I only like dark chocolate."

Mike says "Seems like the dollar stores have the Dark Chocolate Kit Kats now. The Dollar Tree near me has them at 2 for $1. If you're looking for them, try a dollar store and maybe you'll get lucky."

On 11/24/03, Crystal from Buford, GA, wrote: "I am still able to find these... and I have a bag of the White Chocolate Kit Kat bites in my desk drawer. Who can't find them???? They're still here!!!"

On 11/24/03, Sergio from Los Angeles, California, wrote: "me and my friend looked all over LA when we finnaly found two stores that had them. I bought both boxes! And i love them. i like them better than the regular ones. And i agree, the should be out on the market as a regular kit kat bar. Not just a special addition."

On 11/20/03, Chel from Harford, CT, wrote: "All I can say is WOW...I just tried the white chocolate kit kat bars and it was sooooo good!!! I am not even a chocolate lover, but since then I have been everywhere tring to purchase some."

On 11/18/03, Terence from Fort Lauderdale, FL, wrote: "Hit the jackpot again. Walgreens is having a 3/$1 sale of Kit Kats and they had a picture of the Dark editions in the ad too. Found several of the new "Kat in the Hat" dark kit kats. Also found some of the last batch "silver" of dark kit kats. My frig is full. I cleaned-out most of the Fort Lauderdale area."

On 11/07/03, Julie from Hershey, PA, wrote: "I was born and raised in Hershey, PA and I can tell you that even the employee store inside the factory doesn't have them... so get them where ever you can find them!!"

On 11/03/03, Rebecca from Kenner, LA, wrote: "I found cases of the dark chocolate at at Dollar General store in a mall in Houma, LA. I hope more come out in that new promotion of the movie. I can't live without them!! Also, the bags of white kit kat bites are at Big Lots."

On 10/30/03, Terence from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, wrote: "Just found a new batch of Dark & White limited edition Kit Kat bars in NYC. The new batch has a "Kat in the Hat" promotion. (I think there is an upcoming movie). Rite Aid had them on sale 3/$1. So I bought as many Dark Kit Kats as possible. There were 4 cases of White Kit Kats still on the shelf. Another drug store chain in NYC had the Limited Edition Kit Kats, but they weren't on sale. I saw 8 cases of Dark on the shelf. But I wasn't going to pay 69 cents each."

Mike says "I haven't seen the new ones with the movie promotion on it (and yes, there is a Cat In The Hat movie coming out with Mike Myers as the Cat In The Hat). But I was in a Dollar Tree store today (10/30) and they had plenty of the Dark Chocolate Kit Kats at 2 for a $1."

On 10/26/03, John from Indiana wrote: "I'm guessing that Kit Kat white and dark bars are a seasonal item. They turned up just before the winter holidays and again right before Easter. They'll probably hit the stores again in a couple of weeks."

On 10/25/03, Michael from New Lenox, IL, wrote: "I like white chocolate kit kats. I saw them at walmart. This time I went I didn't see them. Please make them again. It's the best."

On 10/24/03, Kate from Morden, Mb (Canada), wrote: "Well, one day we were in the USA and stopped at a gas station to go pee, and so on. My mom, who is allergic to brown chocolate saw white chocolate kit kat bars. So she bought one and really liked it. When we went back to that same gas station they didn't have them anymore. That was probably one of the only chocolate bars my mom actually liked and could eat so I wanted to buy her some for Christmas. I went on the internet to find some, but no luck. I read on your page that they were no longer being sold, and I was wondering if you might know where I could go to find some. Please have good news!"

Mike says "Well, I don't know if it's good news or not, but I think they are coming back. I just don't know if you'll be able to get them in Canada. I see them on eBay from time to time. Just be careful when buying them from eBay as the shipping costs could be high, especially since they're probably going from the US to Canada. I have seen the Dark Chocolate Kit Kats in stores around here, but not the White Chocolate. If you write me back and give me an email address I can reach you at, I'll be on the lookout and maybe I can pick you up some and you can pay for me to ship them to you."

On 10/20/03, Jasmine from North Carolina wrote: "Yes I LOVE the new white chocolate Kit Kat. I think they should not be a limited. I think they should become a regular sold Kit Kat. I think they are just as good as the regular Kit Kat."

On 10/19/03, Josh from Japan wrote: "Wasn't sure if you're aware of this, but here in japan we have a bunch of different kitkat, blueberry, melon..."

Mike says "I knew England has orange, but I didn't know Japan had other flavors. Maybe when you come back State-side, you can bring some and ship them to me!!"

On 10/15/03, Nichole from Miami, FL, wrote: "I just tried them the other day when I stopped at a gas station. I am going to try to find them in a real store, but I'm afraid I won't find them because the same thing happened when I was looking for white chocolate Reese's cups, which I found on a road trip in Georgia."

Mike says "My local Wal Mart had both the White Chocolate Kit Kats and the White Chocolate Reese's cups about a week or so ago (a fresh shipment). I stopped in today and they were almost all gone. They're out just have to keep looking every time you go into a store. Or ask the manager."

On 9/23/03, Elaine from Arlington, VA, wrote: "Thanks for your website. I found your description of the white and dark kitkat extremely helpful. Called the Hershey store using your very user friendly directions and got the REP. She said due to the good response and call ins, they've shipped out a second batch of dark and white , the week of Sept 20 2003. It's a second test run and if they are still popular, and people continue to call in for more, they may decide to make them permanently."

Mike says "That's good news!! If you're looking for them, try the national chain drug stores (Wal Greens, Eckerd's, etc.). Seems like they get them quick and have them for a while. I just stopped in my local Eckerd's the other day and they had White Chocolate Kit Kats on sale for $.24 each!! I bought five. I don't think they were from the new batch...I think they're from the last run. But they were still nice and fresh."

On 9/19/03, Ann from Brooklyn, NY, wrote: "Hey there, just wanted to tell you that today (Sept. 19) I found the white chocolate Kit Kats in Manhattan... they're awesome!"

On 9/10/03, Katherine from TN wrote: "My husband and I were on our honeymoon, coming back from Niagara Falls, and we stopped at a convenient store. As we were paying for the gasoline, I noticed a white chocolate kit kat. I immediately bought 2 of them. We were in Ohio then. When I returned to TN and checkied everywhere for the Kit Kat Bars. Krogers had them and then Walmart had them in a 6 pack. I bought a pack everytime I went to the store. I was pregnant so my cravings were strong for these. Now the baby is here and they have vanished. I want them on the shelf permanently so I am going to call the Hershey Company! By the way, check out the Limited Edition Hershey Kisses Toffee and Almond. They are wonderful too."

Mike says "Someone wrote me and told me they called Hershey and Hershey said the Kit Kats will be coming back out sometime this month (September). Don't know if it's true, but keep looking for them! If it's like last time they came back out, some areas of the country will have them way before other areas. If you see them, let me know!"

On 8/30/03, Gina from Charlotte, NC, wrote: "I am addicted to the dark chocolate kit kats and can't find them anymore. Please help!!!!!!"

Mike says "You could try eBay. Sometimes I see the Dark Chocolate Kit Kats on there. Sometimes, people send me links to commercial web sites that are selling them as well. But my policy is not to list sites that I haven't personally dealt with."

On 8/10/03, Leyla from Alabama wrote: "I only discovered Dark chocolate kit kats this past month and have literally bought every one I've seen. The fact that they are a limited edition candy has horrified me so I have been dreading the day I would walk in my local Super Wal-mart and not be able to find any. The day has come! As of today August 10, 2003 three different Wal-mart employees have told me that they would not be getting any back! I don't know if this is true but it's what they told me. I immediatly ran to every convenience store within 10 miles of my home and could find only one box left! What will I ever do?!"

Mike says "I would guess they'll be back out again...probably around the holidays. I was in NJ this past weekend and saw a few White Kit Kats at a Wawa, but didn't buy them."

On 7/28/03, Tharrin from Hamilton, New Zealand(!), wrote: "White Kit-Kats are great, didn't realise until now that Nestle doesn't distribute them in the US.. seems odd, but hey... Here in NZ we've had the White Kit-Kats on and off for a while now, also Orange flavoured Kit-Kats and Kit-Kat 'Big Finger' which is a large bar (about the size of a Crunchie Bar) and they come in White or Milk choc, and I think there are Caramel ones now too... nice! I guess we've got it pretty good down here :)"

Mike says "In the US, we have the Big Kat, which is probably your Big Finger. Maybe it's my American sense of humor, but I don't think we'll see a candy bar (or anything) named "Big Finger" in the US. I would love to try the orange Kit Kats though.

On a somewhat related note, Tharrin found my web site because of an article done by Lauren Weber of Reuters. She was doing an article on the Limited Edition products from Hershey, found my web site, and was nice enough to ask me for some comments. While I'm only mentioned in one or two lines, she did include the web site address. Lauren explained to me that it wasn't likely that the story would be widely picked up and it would probably only appear on some web sites. I did manage to find it on ExtraMSN. Hope the link still works. If anybody else sees it, please drop me a line!"

On 7/27/03, Audrey from Manhatten Beach, CA, wrote: "The Kit-kats from canada are made from different chocolate than american ones. It is much creamier and much better. I think the chocolate is swiss choc. or something. I had a dream about a canadian kit-kat last night and i want one really bad."

Mike says "From what I've heard/read/etc, Americans like their chocolate really sweet, while Canadians like it with more of a cocoa type flavor (of course, these are generalizations). Someone once told me they thought the Canadian Kit Kats had a bit of a peanutty taste to them. Not a lot, but you could kinda taste it. I didn't taste any difference with the one I had in Canada a few years back."

On 7/24/03, Tami from Washington, D.C., wrote: "the dark chocolate kit kats are the best - i find them once in a while in the cvs near my place, but i havent seen them recently! so, i have been looking on the internet. they have them on some of the candy store websites, but you have to buy in bulk. all the better!"

On 7/20/03, Terence from Ft Lauderdale, FL, wrote: "I saw on eBay that someone is selling 6-packs of Dark & White Kit Kat bars. Has anybody seen these? I've seen multi-packs of Reg, Dark & White (all 3) sold at the Costco in Davies, FL. I think there were 8 of each bar and it was priced at $9.99."

On 7/16/03, Daniel from Tucson, AZ, wrote: "I love the limited edition white chocolate. I first saw them come out last year around christmas they were plentyful but now there harder to find with fewer and fewer left on store shelfs The last time I saw one was about a month ago and I bought the entire box that was left to this day I have yet to find more in the stores around this area."

On 7/8/03, Cheryl from New Haven, CT, wrote: "I recently went to Australia and had White kit Kats there. I immediatly fell in love with them. I brought back as many as I could but they only lasted for a short time. Then I saw them in the store one day and was THRILLED!!!! I only saw them once though I WANT THEM BACK!!!!"

On 6/22/03, Rina from Arlington, Texas, wrote: "After I'd developed this weird allergy to regular chocolate, I'd about given up on that yummy sin. Then, I bought my first back of white chocolate kit kat bites at my local Albertson's and smuggled um in to a movie theater. I was hooked. But I just bought the last bag and have been to several Albertson's with no results... :( I'm going to miss them... sigh..."

Mike says "Not only are the White Chocolate Kit Kats good, a couple of people have written about their allergy to chocolate and how thankful they are for the White Chocolate Kit Kats. I think Hershey needs to keep them around just for that reason!!

And on a totally unrelated subject, the comments for this page have dwindled down a LOT. Don't know if it's because it's summer and who else (besides me) is inside at their computer when it's nice and sunny and warm, or if it's because people are getting their fix of White/Dark Kit Kats and have no need to rant right now. Hmmm. "

On 6/19/03, Cory from Westlake, Ohio, wrote: "I am a lover of white chocolate. I loved these things. I have long wanted them in white chocolate, and was excited when I found them. I found them for a short time and now they are gone. I am hoping that I will be able to find them again soon. Great stuff.

On 6/14/03, Kelsey fro Los Angeles, CA, wrote: "I found two cases of dark chocolate kit-kats in the "special candy" section of Vons in Marina Del Rey - I bought about a case over the course of two weeks (stocking up!). But now they're gone and no more have been put on display! Hersheys needs to put these things on their regular schedule - no more limited editions - make 'em permanent!!!!!

Mike says "Keep calling the Hershey number above and tell them you want them permanently. Can't hurt and it's one of the few ways they can learn what the public, DEMANDS!! "

On 6/12/03, Amy from Attalla, Al, wrote: "I tried a white choclate kit kat about 3 weeks ago and loved it. Later I went back for more and have been unable to locate any. I have searched in every convenient store, grocery store and Wal-Mart withing a 50 mile radius. I went online to search and see if I could find a place to order them from and that is when I found this site."

On 6/02/03, S from Utah wrote: "Need more Dark Chocolate Kit Kats! I hope they keep'em coming!!!!"

On 6/01/03, Angel from Newburgh, NY, wrote: "My husband found the dark chocolate bar once and we haven't been able to find it again. We both thought it was great and would love to buy it again."

On 6/01/03, Pompeiana from Nellyville, TN, wrote: "Dark chocolate kit kat seems more crisp than the regular kit kat."

On 5/29/03, R.K. from Modesto, CA, wrote: "I can give a very accurate report of what's going on in Modesto, California as far as those candy bars as of may 28, 2003....they have large displays of white/dark chocolate kit kats at walmart and the new WinCo Foods. They have one box of dark ones at the modesto junior college bookstore!"

On 5/23/03, Denise from Trenton, MI, wrote: "I have found white (and dark) kit-kats at a few places. The regular bars are running out at Walgreen. But they do have the kit-kat bite size still. And I have found the bite size at Meijer's recently. So anyone who is still looking may be able to find them there. They aren't even near the candy isle. In Woodhaven, MI they have a whole big display in center isle. I've also found the candy bars at RiteAid. I lucked into the 4/$1, only they didn't have alot. So you can check at your Meijer's, Aco's, Walgreen's and RiteAid. Good luck in finding what you're looking for."

Mike says "Denise brings up a good point. The dark and white Kit Kats are shipped in a display case right to the store. So, often, they aren't with the regular candy. They would be where the store would have room to put the big display case. Back when they came out the first time, my local Wal Mart even had them near the milk cases way in the back of the store! "

On 5/23/03, Alisha from Charlotte, NC, wrote: "I found the White Chocolate Kit-Kats while searching for White Chocolate Reeses Cups. (Chocolate w/ cocoa gives me migraine headaches) I have been succesful at Eckerd Drugs. I'm buying up as much as I can & refrigerating them. The White Chocolate Reeses Cups were advertised on tv just recently. They are absolutely heavenly !!!"

Mike says "I like the White Chocolate Kit Kats better than the dark, but when it comes to the new white and dark Reese's, I like the dark better. Look for more comments on the Reese's Peanut Butter cups on the Candy Comment Page. "

On 5/22/03, Debbie from Ohio wrote: "Last month I had the pleasure of trying both the dark & white Kit Kat....I love the White but of course they are all gone....I am dying for another one....tell me they are coming back again.....I see Reese cups have dark and white but I want a Kit Kat."

On 5/21/03, Terence from Fort Lauderdale, FL, wrote: "Ekerds drugstores in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding area have the Kit Kats on sale this week: 3/$1. I've seen Dark & White. Good luck shopping. (and eating)."

Mike says "Since some people do write in telling of locations that have the Kit Kats, I must start updating this page more often. "


Mike says "You just have to keep looking. Seems like they are popping up all over with no logic or reasoning. Just recently, my local Wal Mart (near Pittsburgh) finally got some in while other places in the US seem to have gotten them weeks ago. You might want to try asking the manager of your local super market if they can get them in. Sometimes, this is the only way they know what their customers want."

On 5/13/03, Scott from Springfield, Missouri, wrote: "As of 13 May, 2003 they have a big supply of both white and dark chocolate Kit Kat's at Sam's Club in Springfield, Missouri. They come 36 to a box at just over $12.00. I bought three boxes of the white and one box of the dark."

On 5/13/03, Nicole from Fairview Park, Ohio, wrote: "I love the dark chocolate ones! I actually work in a Giant Eagle in Rocky River, Ohio. We got in the shipper and all the dark chocolates have been sold out for a few week. We still have plenty of white chocolates left."

On 5/11/03, Jennifer from Atlanta, GA, wrote: "I recently returned from vacation in Puerto Rico where I discovered white chocolate kit kats. I bought all the ones in the gift shop at the hotel to bring back with me. Now I'm addicted and cannot find them anywhere in Atlanta!"

Mike says "I was surprised on a recent drive back home to NJ that a rest stop store on the PA Turnpike had both Dark and White Chocolate Kit Kats. You just never know where you'll find them!"

On 5/8/03, Lin from Atkinson, Illinois, wrote: "I first tried the dark chocolate KitKat bars while on vacation in Branson Missouri last summer. I think I bought that first one at a Wal-Mart. I had been dreaming about them but not searching diligently when I stumbled across some about 6 weeks ago at a little Amoco convenience store about 15 miles from me in a rural area. What a treasure! I only bought one -- d'uh! I shouldn't have been so complacent -- I just didn't think I had much competition for them. Today, I decided to detour past this shop and buy some but they were all sold out. I even checked eBay for some, but I'm kinda scared to try buying food that way, even if it IS sealed. But some other brave soul may want to give it a try. I saw a whole case of the dark bars for $19.99 + $15.00 shipping. In the closed auctions, someone spent $40.00 for a case! There were also white chocolate offerings for fans of the white chocolate KitKat bars."

On 5/8/03, Melissa from Phoenix City, AL, wrote: "I wrote a couple of months ago when it was impossible to find White Chocolate Kit Kats. I would like to say that I just recently found some in a Publix in Atlanta. I nearly passed out in the store. I was very excited. I bought an entire box and plan on going back for more. I almost got even more lucky. The sales clerk scanned the box without paying attention and it said .50!!!!! My loud gasp alerted her to the fact that I was buying an entire box and not just one candy bar. :)Good luck to everyone else searching out there."

Mike says "THAT would have been cool getting a whole box for $.50!!! You have to learn to control yourself!!"

On 4/30/03, Sarah from Evanston, IL, wrote: "I have been searching high and low for the White Chocalate Kit Kats. I found some at a gas station here, and sent some down to my husband's grandma (she's 98). She loved them and wants more. I really would love to find more to send to her. O.K. I would like to find them again for myself. By the way I too think they taste like white chocolate pretzels. You did a great job on your page."

Mike says "Keep looking!! I still haven't found any around my area here in Pittsburgh. But they must be getting around the country as I have noticed a big drop in the comments that people leave about them. I was getting a couple a maybe one a week. And thanks for the compliments on the web site. It's fun to do!"

On 4/28/03, Leah from Great Falls, Montana, wrote: "I just tried the white chocolate Kit Kat today and they're great! I also sampled a dark chocolate one and they're very good if you like dark chocolate.Just want to say I hope the Reeses/Hershey company continues these Kit Kats."

On 4/10/03, Vanessa from Kansas wrote: "I am so glad they're bringing back the Dark Kit-Kats. I'm not really a milk chocolate lover, but I do admit to fishing all of the dark chocolate bite size chocolates out of the Assorted Chocolates bag before sharing the rest with co-workers. I had the opportunity to try a Kit-Kat dark over the holidays and nearly finished it before I made it from the store to my car. It is 10 times more tasty than the original and, based on comments on this site, the white chocolate version must be darn good too. I just bought a promotional Kit Kat from a co-worker and found myself longing for the taste of the Kit Kat Dark I had a few months ago. It sounds like my cravings will soon be satiated. I can't wait to walk into Wal-mart and pick up a few...boxes!"

On 4/07/03, Sunny from Aliso Viejo, CA, wrote: "I saw the dark chocolate kit kats at a Longs Drugs store in Laguna Hills. I thought I was dreaming. Unfortunately I was in a hurry and figured I would get them later. I returned a few days later and they were gone!!! My boyfriend has been all over Orange County trying to find them!!! Will they be anywhere in California???"

And on 4/09/03, Diana from Sacramento, Ca, wrote: "My friend is looking for white chocolate Kit Kats for her boyfriend. He had them once and fell in love with them. Where would I find them for her?"

Mike says "I get a lot of questions like these. Unfortunately, I don't have any special way of finding out who has the Kit Kats and who doesn't. You just have to keep checking or calling the stores in your area...maybe call friends in other areas to be on the lookout for them."

On 4/09/03, Jason from San Jose, CA, wrote: "5 white chocolate Kit Kats are going for $8 currently on EBAY!"

Mike says "I did a quick search and see the ones you're probably talking about (the auction ends 4/10). Now, I am addicted to the White Chocolate ones, but I'm not paying what would be over $2 EACH when you add in shipping. I'm holding out until they come to my area. There is also an auction for five Dark Chocolate Kit Kats with a starting bid of $2.99 (+ $4.50 shipping...ends on 4/15)."

On 4/07/03, Sharon from NY, NY, wrote: "I found both white and dark Kit Kats yesterday at econonomy candy in NYC (2 for a buck) excellent!! I had had the dark ones around Xmas in the special holiday wrapper, white for the first time yesterday. They had a small basket full, don't know if they're getting more."

On 4/07/03, Michele from Stowe, VT, wrote: "I thought I'd write in, because like other people who visit your site, I too thought someone was off their rocker ... until a few days ago.

I have SEARCHED AND SEARCHED for the white Kit Kats, hoping to include them in an Easter Basket for a huge fan. I am in Vermont, so I don't have too many stores to choose from. A few drug stores, a few grocery stores and a Walmart (yes, I'm near Burlington) are what I have to choose from. Anyway, about one month ago I started on a semi daily basis of stopping by everywhere I could think of to find these things, because of your exciting news, and also the listing of them on Hershey's website. I was horrified - they weren't anywhere to be found.

I then called my Mom (in MD), "his" Mom (in VA), friends (in CA), more friends (in TX), still more friends (NH, NY, etc.) to see if anyone could find them. Nothing ... I was so upset!

Then, something amazing happened. On a regularly scheduled grocery trip (I had given up going every few days looking for them, and had almost given up looking for them at all) I had to double back to pick up some bread --- and there they were!!!! I couldn't belive it. A big smile erupted on my face, and I think I even started to talk to myself - something about "where have you been!?!" The people next to me thought I too was off my rocker.

The moral of this story? They MUST be out there because I found them in Vermont! So good luck, and keep the faith!"

On 4/07/03, Gordie from Villa Pk, IL, wrote: "I got a few Kit Kat dark chocolate bars from my son and he told me the story your site. I called the 800 no. on the wrapper and the lady said the candy was on it's way to the stores.I just love them. Haven't tried the white choc. yet, but am anxious to."

On 4/06/03, Denice from Trenton, MI, wrote: "I have found WHITE CHOCOLATE Kit-Kats!! I Found the candy bars at 2 Walgreens, MI. And at an ACO I found the Kit-Kat Bites, white and dark chocolate. Hopefullly this will help you find some."

On 4/04/03, Mary Ann from Crittenden, Kentucky, wrote: "Ok I even call the company that manufactured these (last August 2002)and they assured me they were going to rerelease these in my area in October or November 2003. I have called the same stores that I bought these in originally on a bi-weekly basis (to the point where they now recognize my voice) to see if these are in and of course they are not. This really tick's me off. So where are the white chocolote Kit Kats?????????"

Mike says "Don't ask me....I'm still looking for them around the Pittsburgh area."

On 4/04/03, Doug from Wheaton, IL, wrote: "I work in the confectionary business, so I first saw Dark Chocolate Kit Kats was at the All Candy Expo in Chicago last June. I have ALWAYS loved Kit Kats, and said for years that the only way to improve it would be with DARK chocolate. Well, they finally did it, only to make it a limited edition???

As I said, I saw them the 1st day, and took everything they would give me (3 bars) and begged my coworkers who attended the show on subsequent days to pick up more for me. They all claim that there were none to be found after the 1st day.

Fast forward ~ 2 months, I see a floor stand display of the Dark/White Chocolate at a local Dominicks. Guess what? They had ~ 50 White Chocolate in the display(I HATE the waxy white crap) to ONE dark chocolate bar, which, of course, I took.

Then, 2 weeks ago on a Friday, a coworker, who was among those I begged to get some from the Candy Show, brought me one she said she got from a Jewel close by work, and that they had a bunch left. I went after work and bought 30 of them, thinking that if this Jewel now had them, I would have a better chance of getting more at stores closer to my house. WRONG!! 3 Jewels & 2 Dominicks late & NO Kit Kats! Being the obsessive compulsive I am for these Dark Chocolate delights, I made special trip back to the Jewel by my work (45 minutes away) to buy out their remaining stock, which by that time, was only 15.

Let's do what we can to convince Hershey to keep these around and make it a permanent item!!"

On 4/02/03, Tammy from Bay area in california, wrote: "Check on the Hershey website for the news! I found some white chocolate KitKat bars at the local 7-11!"

On 4/02/03, Shinta from North Carolina, wrote: "I really enjoy the new White Chocolate Kit Kat Bars. They are so delicious. I have bought over 50 of them within the past 3 weeks. I am now in search of more. I am addicted to them. I also have 3 year old that cries everyday for them. I am looking forward to buying cases of them, if they are available to me."

On 3/29/03, Frank from Renton, Washington, wrote: "About 2 months ago, going to the movies, we found DARK Chocolate Kit Kat...I thought I was dreaming...DARK CHOCOLATE....and then they were gone. I never did stop to look if they were limited edition....but I'd sure LOVE to see them back."

Mike says "For the record, it's April 2nd and I still haven't find them here (I live just east of Pittsburgh). The stores that carried them before don't have them. My next step is to start asking managers if they plan on stocking them. Maybe that will get them into the stores around here. If they aren't available where you are, try asking the manager."

On 3/24/03, Ken from San Jose, California, wrote: "I had the dark choc Kit Kats over T-day in NH with my Mom. I thought they were great and had her ship every bar they (7-11 store in Hampton NH) had when I returned home. This noon Mom called to say that she had seen the dark choc Kit Kats in a red wrapper that had a "Dark Choc.." banner under a "New" sticker in a "Food for Less" store in Hampton NH.. Nothing about a "limited edition" and the same price as the std milk choc Kit Kat. Hope this spreads."

Mike says "Interesting. When I called Hershey to verify that they were coming back out, I was told they were once again a Limited Edition thing. Anybody else see the wrappers that Ken is talking about??"

On 3/24/03, Denise from Trenton, MI, wrote: "I was able to buy some white and dark chocolate Kit Kats in January. But it was the end of their supply. So I continued to look and found that they no longer had them. So when I found your web page I was excited to hear that they were coming out in March or April. But, so far no luck. I read here that somewhere they had gone out on March 10th. What I'd like to know is if anyone knows if and when they might come to Michigan?? When I was looking before I had just missed two whole boxes of the white chocolate. Talk about disappointing! So if any one knows please let me know!"

On 3/24/03, Vania from Queens, NY, wrote: "I love dark chocolate and I love Kit Kats, so where can I find dark chocolate Kit Kats in NYC?????"

Mike says "Sorry....I don't know where you can get them. You'll just have to keep looking. And try asking your favorite store if they plan on stocking them. That's one way stores learn what they should stock."

On 3/23/03, Tina from Everett WA, wrote: "My husband and I go to Vancouver Canada quite a bit. We came across the white Kit Kat and brought a couple back.....very good!!!! So why can't we get them here? Why does Canada have all the interesting candy bars? Where in WA can you get them?"

Mike says "Well, I can't tell you where you can find them...just keep looking. And, as you can tell from the other comments, looks like they are back for now."

On 3/23/03, Eddie wrote: "I tried a few WCKK bars and loved them, as did my 8 year old son and his friends. So I went back to my local Kroger and bought an entire case (36 bars). I returned for more a week later (March 21), and they didn't have any more. The WCKK bars are better than the original, and Hershey should make them a permanent addition."

On 3/20/03, Jen from Cincinnatti, Ohio, wrote: "THEY ARE BACK!! I live near Cincinnati Ohio and I have found the "limited edition" kit kats in 2 out of 3 local Krogers stores! Of course, they only had 2 boxes of dark chocolate and I bought them both. :) Good luck in finding them! I hope Hersheys keeps them out."

On 3/19/03, Ash from Chilliwack, BC, wrote: "What is the song for the kit kat bar?"

Mike says "Do you mean the jingle?? "Give me a break, give me a break...break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar." That one?"

On 3/19/03, Kassi from Texas wrote: "I Love the White Chocolate Kit Kats. I have only seen them in one gas station, and that is the only place I have EVER seen them. I used to buy about 5 at one time, then they ran out. I asked the guy and he said I wasn't the only one who keeps asking about them. I would buy a whole box if I could, but I don't know where to get them. I've seen the dark chocolate ones in a few places but only one has the white chocolate ones which are my FAVORITE!!!!"

Mike says "Keep looking. I've yet to see them in the stores I've been in around the Pittsburgh area. I hope they get here soon."

On 3/14/03, Gil from Lewisberry, PA, wrote: "OK kids, I can't tell you how I know this, but I can tell you that Hershey's started to ship this item on Monday of this week - March 10. You shoud start seeing them at retailers as early as next week. If your favorite retailer does not have them by next week, ask them to get them for you. Any retailer can get them. Here is the bad news, they are still Limited Editions so stock up. Did you know that you can freeze chocolate for years! Better yet, I eat the Dark and especially the White right from the freezer. They are even better when they are frozen."

Mike says "GREAT NEWS!!! As I stated above, I confirmed with Hershey that they are coming back out this month and are once again Limited Edition. But Hershey couldn't confirm the dates that Gil provided. Thank you to everyone who wrote in and who called the Hershey phone number to let them know we LOVE our Dark and White Chocolate Kit Kats!!!"

On 3/12/03, Peggy from Howell, Michigan, wrote: "Really like the milk chocolate Kit Kat as a kid, but have since moved on to the richer tastes of dark chocolate, giving up on Kit Kat's long ago. However, finding a DARK Kit Kat bar, a few weeks ago, have spurred a whole new interest for me in Kit Kats! However, I'm in the same boat, only found ONE, and haven't found one since! I told my dilemma to my husband the other day and he felt the very same way, for the white chocolate Kit Kat!! Wow we really do have something in common!"

On 3/11/03, Shannon from Louisville, KY, wrote: "I love the Dark Chocolate Kit Kats and found them while recently traveling 3/10/03 in Cincinnati, OH at a Kroger store. I was in several different Kroger stores later that day, and couldn't find the Kit Kat special editions in those stores. "

On 3/10/03, Geneva from Dallas, Texas, wrote: "I can't believe I found a website dedicated to chocolate. I tried the white chocolate Kit-Kat last week. Since then I have had 17. I love them so much and will be devestated if they do not go on the market for good."

Mike says "So will I!! Seems more people on this web site like the Dark Chocolate Kit Kats more than the White Chocolate ones, but I'm with you. I like the White Chocolate ones more. But both are OUTSTANDING!"

On 3/09/03, Rena from New York, New York, wrote: "BRING BACK THE DARK CHOCOLATE KIT KAT!! It doesn't get better than this new bar. I'm not a big fan of the green wrapper, but it was a holiday bar, so I can accept that....but inside the wrapper is perfect. What a luscious combination of dark chocolate and wafer...Yummy!!!"

On 3/06/03, Katherine from Los Angeles, CA, wrote: "Where can I get the dark chocolate Kit Kats. My client said she is addicted to them, and can not find them anywhere. I wanted to get her a case for a gift...but also can not find them anywhere..and Hershey's was no help. Do you have any ideas???"

Mike says "You could try eBay. Do a search on dark kit kats and usually somebody is selling them. They were going for a lot of money, but as someone else pointed out, the prices on "the black market(!)" seems to be coming down. But expect to pay anywhere from $.75 to a couple of dollars for each bar."

On 3/04/03, Susan from Franklin, NC, wrote: "I'm hooked. Dark Chocolate Kit Kat is the best. My husband and I bought all we could find at our local grocery - and now - none! I sure hope Nestle's brings it back."

On 2/28/03, Cindy from Denver, CO, wrote: "The white chocolate kit kats are the best - found them on a road trip from NY to CO last summer, then again with Xmas-promo wrap in Denver but now they're nowhere & I was curious - will they bring them back? What the hell, was is just a tease? If you know, let me/us know. Thanks."

Mike says "Cindy, I don't know if they are going to come out for good or not, but I would hope so. Keep calling the Hershey can only help. As far as why they were only a limited edition, not that unusual really. Products are test marketed all the time. Remember Pepsi Kona?? Unless you lived in the Philadelphia area, probably not. It was Pepsi with a hint of coffee flavor (Kona beans). It was test marketed in Philadelphia (and maybe a few other areas) back in the 80's. Musta not done well since it was the last you heard of it. Only difference is these were 'test marketed' across the country as a Limited Edition. I'm sure Hershey is reviewing the outcome of the sales and deciding if they should come back. I'm betting they will. And I'm hoping they will!! I'm gonna try calling the Hershey number and see if I get anywhere in getting information. The public, they DEMAND to know!! ::smile::"

On 2/27/03, Jess from Mechanicsburg, PA, wrote: "I called Hershey. They said they have been getting a lot of calls for the white chocolate kit kat. She seems to think they may come out with it for good but she couldn't give me a date. All I can say is keep on calling....maybe we will be able to eat them whenever we want!!! Thanks for the info! Your website is making me hungry! Any luck finding the kit kat bites?"

Mike says "No, I haven't seen the Kit Kat White Chocolate Bites yet, but I look every time I'm in a store. The way the Hershey rep above put it, I would think they would be coming out more towards the end of March. If anybody sees them, let me know!! And keep calling the Hershey number above!!"

On 2/25/03, Christie from NYC wrote: "I am happy to announce I have won a bid for a whole box (count 'em 36!) of the White Choclate Kit Kats for only $29.99. WHAT A SCORE! Mind you I have never even tasted the white choclate kit kat, HOWEVER I've been on a mission since I had seen them in my local Duane Reade store back in November of 2002. I had gone into Duane Reade to purchase hair conditioner (which they did not have) and noticed the W.C.K.K. on the way out. Assuming they'd have them in the Duane Reade 2 blocks away where I was going to purchase my hair conditioner I left the store. BOY WAS I WRONG! They had my hair conditoner but no W.C.K.K's at all! So 2 days later I go back to the original Duane Reade where I had seen them and they were GONE...GONE I SAY! I have been desperately searching ever since. I did find the Dark Chocolate ones on 58th and Madison Avenue (yep, at Duane Reade) and have to honestly say I wasn't so impressed. I am a total fan of white chocolate and cannot even imagine what the combination of white chocolate and Kit Kats would be like. I will be salavating until their arrival...I may even have to attack the postman."

On 2/25/03, Diane from Birmingham, AL, wrote: "I discovered the white chocolate kit Kats last spring and had a fit over them. I tried a few and went back to the drug store where I found them and bought an entire box since it said limited edition. I do belive they are better tasting than the original Kit Kat. The chocolate was so smooth and yummy. Everyone else must have like them also because the few stores that had them did not keep them very long --they were gone in a flash. I searched everywhere for them and told everyone they needed to try the new Kit Kat...I was not really crazy about the dark Chocolate . Do you know if they will make these any more? I liked them so much that I would special order them if I knew they were available."

Mike says "From the response I've been getting here on this web site, I would think Hershey would bring them back. Maybe even for just another limited edition run. I just hope that all the people who wrote me here are also calling the Hershey number above and telling them that they loved the Kit Kats and want them back!!"

On 2/19/03, Sarah from NYC wrote: "I've been keeping an eye on eBay, because both the white and dark chocolate kit kats are great, and I cant find anymore here, but they are too expensive for me. But since Valentines Day they aren't nearly as expensive on there as they were, so hopefully soon I'll be able to buy some. I think they were going for so much because people wanted them for Vday presents. I'm hoping now those of us who just want to eat them ourselves will be able to buy some : ) [once i get a paycheck that is ; ) ] but I think it's worth keeping an eye on eBay."

Mike says "I haven't checked eBay in a while for the Kit Kats. But what you said makes sense to me."

On 2/14/03, Terence from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, wrote: "I love the dark chocolate kit kat bars. Didn't care for the white chocolate version. They were available during christmas in the Los Angeles, CA area. I bought several during the after Christmas sales. Then I've seen some special edition 'dark' kit kats in Fort Lauderdale at the Eckerds (drug stores) around town. I think they were silver wrappers. The Christmas dark chocolate kit kats were in green wrappers. Course, I was able to get the christmas dark chocolate at discount prices. (75% off) So at those prices, I would buy as many as possible. (I found over 3 boxes)"

Mike says "I hate when I get comments from people who have found White or Dark Chocolate Kit Kats!! Because I wish I could find some. Terence is right about the different wrappers. Around the holidays, the Kit Kat wrappers were green (click here for that wrapper). But the 'Limited Edition' silver wrappers were first."

On 2/14/03, Terence from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, continues: "I read comments about searching eBay for Dark Kit Kat. Well, I checked 2/14/03, and there's a case (36) going for $37! 5 bars are going for $6. Wow, then I checked to see the COMPLETE AUCTIONS. A case sold for $75 on 2/4/03. Several other cases sold for; $45, $67, $49, $55. I've been eating up these candy bars. Still have over 20 bars left. No wonder I've been gaining pounds. :)"

Mike says "Terence probably doesn't want to hear this, but the Dark Chocolate Kit Kats have one of the highest totals of saturated fat among candy bars (why do you think they're so good!?). I too have been checking out eBay, but those prices are unreal. I realize they're great, but I don't think I would pay so much for a case, and then add shipping costs to that. I do believe they will be back...we just have to sit and wait (damn, that's hard to do!)"

On 2/14/03, Cindy from Cincinnati, Ohio, wrote: "I found the Dark Chocolate Kit Kat bars around Christmas time and thought it was the best candy bar I've ever eaten. My husband and kids(3) all agree, but now I can't find them anywhere. Please help me I'm going thru withdrawl. Please tell me where I can find them in Cincinnati, Ohio"

Mike says "I wish I knew where they Cincinnati and here in Pittsburgh!! But I don't."

On 2/13/03, Maureen from Los Angeles, California, wrote: "I Came across white chocolate Kit Kat and they were great! however I do not know where to get more-I have been looking all over!"

Mike says "So is everybody else. Hope you called the Hershey number above!! Tell them that you love them and want them back!!"

On 2/06/03, Elyse (who posted earlier) from Farmington, Michigan, wrote: "I found both white and dark Kit Kats. 3 for $1, Walgreens. My sister bought 6. The Walgreens has a lot. It is at 10 mile + Orchard Lake. Hope this helps someone."

Mike says "I get sporadic comments of people finding them out there. So keep looking wherever you go (I know I do). I stopped at my local Dollar Tree hoping they would have some, but no such luck."

On 1/30/03, Ellen from Rocklin, California, wrote: "I was so happy to find your web site. It is like a support group for those of us obsessed with these candy bars! I just called the number and begged them to bring back the white and dark Kit Kats. The lady was so nice and told me that it really does help to call. I am going to take the phone number to work tonight and have others who love them call. Please don't pity me, but I never got to try the white chocolate and I only had ONE dark chocolate Kit Kat. You know, it only takes one to get hooked! Thanks!"

Mike says "I prefer the White Chocolate Kit Kats more than the Dark, but they're both outstanding! The woman I talked to at the Hershey number was also very nice. Everyone should call!!"


On 1/24/03, Marie from Los Angeles, California, wrote: "I found a 99 cent store that sells the dark and the white chocolate Kit Kats but the white ones are almost all gone and the rest are dark chocolate. They had a 4 for $1 special on them since they wanted to get rid of them, so I got greedy and grabbed 8 white chocolate Kit Kats. Why are they only limited edition? It's not fair because they're absolutely delicious."

Mike says "I can't believe they were at a dollar store since usually that's where stuff like candy goes when it didn't sell. As far as I can tell, the Kit Kats sold very well. You're lucky to have found them! There is a Dollar Tree near me...I guess I better go check it out. Maybe I'll get lucky!! As to why they were limited edition, I'm guessing Hershey wanted to try them out to see if they sold. Hopefully, if everyone is calling the Hershey number above, they'll get the idea to bring them back."

On 1/22/03, Beth from Philadelphia, PA, wrote: "I found these little gifts at Christmas time 2002 at a local drug store. Being a fan of the KitKat and a bigger fan of white chocolate I tried it. Several KitKats later I was hooked. I have two left and I am just waiting to savior them. I hope they do bring them back out. I will call the hershey people."

On 1/21/03, Debbie and Deanna from Bradenton, Florida, wrote: "We have been looking everywhere for white Kit Kats. We were given an entire box for Christmas and we are out!!!! We cannot find them anymore. We believe we are the number one fans...Can you help us get a fix?????"

Mike says "First off, I need to get a fix for myself. So, if I find any, I have to cure my fix first! Second, looks like we are out of luck until those Kit Kat bites come out that the Hershey Rep told me about (see above). When they do, you've learned your lesson....STOCK UP!!!!!"

On 1/18/03, Sandy from Riverside, CA, wrote: "I was so glad when I found your page because I love the white chocolate kit kats and I have been looking everywhere for them so then I finally thought I would check the internet and your page was very helpful. I will be calling tomorrow to hopefully help get the white choc. and dark choc. in the store permanently. Thanks"

On 1/17/03, Cheryl from Lancaster, CA, wrote: "This past Christmas, my husband-who knows how I love dark chocolate, brought me home a "holiday edition" dark chocolate Kit Kat bar. I have to say that after the first bite, I had found my favorite chocolate bar! I had to have more! When my husband went back to the store, they were gone. So he went to two other stores, and at the third store he was told that someone had just bought the last box of 30 bars. As my husband was walking out of the store, he glanced over and saw a box of the Kit Kat's on a table under some other products. He looked in and it had all white chocolate on the top and all dark chocolate in the rest of the box! Yeah!! Jackpot!! My kids loved the white chocolate, and I am having a hard time sharing the darks. I am, however, sending a few of them to a couple of close friends that want to try them out for themselves. I'm on my last dark chocolate bar now, and I was hoping to find some information on these Kit Kat's. I sure do hope that they go nation wide and that we will be able to buy them year round here in the States soon! Thanks for letting me tell my Kit Kat story."

Mike says "You're welcome!! I never thought people would respond the way they have to this page. It's pretty cool. And if you read though my other responses, you probably can guess what I'm gonna say the Hershey number above and tell them you love the White and Dark Chocolate Kit Kats!!"

On 1/16/03, Kev from Memphis, TN, wrote: "I purchased the Kit Kat White Limited Editions and long for them again. However, I was in Ireland a few weeks ago and almost everywhere they had Kit Kat White bars. It wasn't a regular Kit Kat, it was a Big Kat in white chocolate! They're DELICIOUS, and I bought back a ton of them. So I did some more searching around and found the Australian version. You can order them in the US, but they're a bit pricey. Let's hope we can get these here locally soon."

Mike says "Of course, I'm not promoting or recommending any commercial web site and offer no guarentees about any links I may post, but if you're willing to pay the cost, try them out. I believe they also have mint chocolate Kit Kats in Europe, and I think I saw an ad for Orange Kit Kats in Canada!"

On 1/15/03, Elyse from Farmington, MI, wrote: "Someone asked you where they may be able to buy Dark Chocolate Kit Kats online, well I think I may know the answer. While I was doing some research I found a website that might help. I went to (Kit Kats) in the search window and found a website that sells Kit Kats and that person may be able to buy Dark Chocolate Kit Kats. I love WHITE CHOCOLATE Kit Kats and my brother and sister love Dark Chocolate Kit Kats. I think I will try to go around town and get people to sign a letter saying we want White and Dark Chocolate to stay. Also my sister just brought some dark choclate on 1/12/03 so I think there may still be some around."

Mike says "Another person successful in finding the Dark Chocolate Kit Kats. Elyse didn't leave the web site she found, but Kev (in the next letter) did. Elyse, instead of getting a letter signed by people, have as many people as you can call the Hershey number above and tell them you like the White/Dark chocolate Kit Kats. It will probably do better than a letter since the Rep will enter the information straight into a computer. If you send in a letter, who knows where it will end up."

On 1/15/03, Sarah from Florida wrote: "Where can I find them? I've looked and looked and can't find them."

Mike says "Good luck finding the White Chocolate ones. Some people have been lucky in finding the Holiday Edition of the Dark Chocolate Kit Kats. Check your local grocery store and maybe you'll be lucky. I can't find them either!"

Kelly from Phoenix, AZ, wrote: "I cannot seem to find the white chocolate Kit Kats anywhere (since Xmas 2002), but if anyone is interested, the dark chocolate can be found at Albertson's grocery store. BTW, thanks for Hershey's number and all the information. It has been very helpful in my search for white Kit Kats. ;)"

Mike says "Kelly wrote that on 1/12...I don't know if the Dark Chocolate Kit Kats are still at the store she mentioned"

Kelsey from Dayton, Ohio, wrote: "A neighbor of mine gave me a white chocolate kit kat after helping her move something. I had never heard of them until she told me about them. I ate it and loved it!! I asked her where she had gotten them but she wouldn't tell me!! She just told me that they are really hard to find. I looked at some local stores but came up empty handed. Then I decided to look on the internet. I can't believe that they might not sell them anymore. If they are all gone from the stores that must mean that people liked them and probably enjoyed them. I think that they need to come to the U.S. permantly and not just be a limited edition.

Mike says "I agree!!"

Jonas from Brooklyn, NY, wrote: "love the kit kat dark choco., but they are hard to find/order. any idea where to order online possibly? clearly, i would buy bulk as they are sooooo good. thanks

Mike says "I doubt you can find them on-line to buy in bulk as since they were limited editions, they probably went to the major retailers (Wal Mart, etc). But I could be wrong. A quick check of eBay and I didn't find any that way either"

Melissa from Phenix City, AL, wrote: "I am trying to find the white chocolate kit kats. I can not find them anywhere. I have searched the Phenix City/Columbus, GA area plus Atlanta. I LOVE those things. Do you still see them wherever you are? I would seriously send money for some. Please let me know.

Mike says: "Like I mentioned above, I looked for them at the Wal Mart here in the Pittsburgh area and couldn't find them. I haven't looked elsewhere yet....yet! But I will.", Party Favors, and Toys from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s
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